Fun with Google

FAIL Blog often has posts that do with random auto search suggestions on Google.  Here are some that I found today:

“Why cant my mom” be birds
(What does that even mean? You want your mom to fly? Lay eggs? Taste like chicken?)

Why can’t “cats taste” like sugar
(Um, if you already know that a cat does NOT taste like sugar, I think you have a problem)

Tim needs” an eyebrow waxing
(Girl’s don’t like unibrows, Tim)

“Do vampires” poop
(Edward or Sam, can you answer this?)

“Wedding” farmville
(You know you spend too much time on farmville if it becomes the theme of your wedding)

“Graduating from” lip smackers
(Lip Gloss U?)

Fish “dont f”art
(What ever study tested this wasted tax dollars)

“Stay away” from perverted practices
(Well, that’s just sound advice)

“Sons are” like birds
(What’s with all the birds?)

“How to” kiss a girl
(Is it different from kissing a guy?  I thought the mechanics were the same…)

“I really like” tortilla chips
(Especially with lemon and ranch. mmmm)

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One Response to Fun with Google

  1. T.J. says:

    That is why I shave my unibrow as often as I can. But I’m married and she lives with it. 😉

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