Disclaimer: I honestly have not followed this situation beyond reading headlines. However, I feel I know enough to adequately make this soap box statement. My opinion on the grand jury verdict is irrelevant to this post.

In some instances, public discord could be necessary. Our country was founded on the principle of standing up for what was believed to be right and true. However, anarchy, chaos and needless destruction are senseless. They do nothing to better the cause. Ferguson is no exception.

That is my beef with the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. The ruling of the grand jury last night incited many individuals to throw caution to the wind and ensue mayhem. Logic is a lost concept in Ferguson. The fact there was a grand jury compiled of a multi-racial group of peers (source) proves that our nation’s judicial system worked effectively. Now, to say that does not mean everyone needs to be in agreement with the outcome. But it needs to be accepted.

Yet, since when does disagreeing with someone, or in this case, 12 someones provide a free pass for property destruction, especially against innocents? Dozens of buildings and vehicles were destroyed by arson, gunshots were fired, bricks were thrown. These acts of rebellion and violence won’t bring Michael Brown back from the dead. They won’t change the verdict handed down by the grand jury. They won’t reduce the presence of the police and National Guard.

Michael Brown’s own mother was quoted as saying, “Let’s not just make noise. Let’s make a difference.” (source) Essentially destroying the town is not going to improve the situation but make it worse. It will hurt the economy of the town, it will damage the morale, and more people will be harmed.

The citizens of Ferguson have forgotten what it’s like to be a good neighbor, to follow the Golden Rule. Yes, it sounds cliché but in this situation it needs to be said. Instead of throwing bricks and torches, the citizens of Ferguson should pick up a broom and help sweep the broken glass. Grab a hammer and help hang plywood. Pick up a basketball or a textbook and help underprivileged youth through an after school program, tutoring or perhaps as a Big Brother or Big Sister. There are countless ways the people of Ferguson can provide their time to improve the situation and rebuild the town, from the inside out.

Making a positive contribution to the community will have a more far-reaching effect on the overall state of the situation, and last longer than the results of rioting. Titus 3:2 implores us to, “Speak evil of no one, … be peaceable, gentile, showing all humility to all men.”

Take a look around, Ferguson. Have you really improved the situation and bettered your community by allowing your anger to control your reaction?

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30 Uses for a Mini BBQ Grill

Not just any mini BBQ grill – but one made from a discarded Altoids can. Useful or useless? You decide! To help you choose, my good ol’ buddy Tim and I have come up with 30 Uses for an Altoids Can BBQ Grill:

Click on picture for source

Click on picture for source

  1. Grill one shrimp – not jumbo
  2. Roast one chestnut
  3. Dry Barbie’s socks
  4. Roast three peanuts
  5. Sear one-ounce of steak
  6. Boil four-ounces of water
  7. Carefully, tip upside down and caramelize sugar (not recommended)
  8. Melt the ends of a raveled shoelace
  9. Create a charcoal writing device by burning the tip of a stick (repeat as necessary)
  10. Start a forest fire (not recommended)
  11. Char a half-ounce burger
  12. Sanitize a fish hook, or two
  13. Use as a display item in Barbie’s Dream House, or backyard
  14. Melt one Duplo Lego or four regular Legos
  15. Place below a chafing dish
  16. Roast two mini-links hot dogs
  17. Burn hair for ritualistic purposes
  18. Dry your feet, one toe at a time
  19. Dry recently manicured nails
  20. Roast one marshmallow
  21. Use as a desktop space heater
  22. Set three cancer-sticks ablaze
  23. Melt one ice cube (extinguish flame)
  24. Attract bugs – ZAP! (although the bug may fart and put out the flame)
  25. Toast croutons – make them extra crispy!
  26. Make a very small batch of popcorn, or inedibly burn part of a Jiffy Pop
  27. Rotate one slice of bread in an attempt to make toast
  28. Melt a scent-release wax disk (extinguish flame)
  29. Cook two chicken nuggets
  30. Place inside a paper bag, with poo, and set upon an enemy’s porch (not recommended)

If you like this post so much you are seriously considering upcycling that empty Altoids can rolling around your car, you can find additional details on this doll-sized BBQ here.

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Caption This!


(click on image for source)

Personally, I think the people in the above photo look much too unconcerned about the tornado looming in the background. Granted, I grew up in California where we are accustomed to the earth moving beneath our feet, not rising up in massive swirling dust and debris clouds. Even now, as I live on the far western border of tornado alley, I am more accustomed to tornado watches and warnings, but still anxiously afraid of the tornadoes themselves.

That said, Tim and I banded together to come up with some alternate captions for the aforementioned photo:

Just another day in the neighborhood.

What? A tornado? But it’s the bottom of the 9th with one out…

How far is it? Two miles? We’ve got time. Batter up!

I just bought this beer, no way I’m giving it up for some tornado.

Hey kid! Where are you going? Are you a ball player or a baby running to his momma?

Crying? There’s no crying in baseball! It’s just a tornado, probably only an EF-2. Get back out to right field!

Dude, that’s not even rain! Just finish the game.

Hey, it looks like it’s heading away from us, not toward us.

Hey Jimmy, think if I hit the ball into the tornado it will spit it back out onto the field?

Hey, Sweetie, go get me a beer please. Daddy doesn’t feel like getting up, it’s a little windy.

We could go on and on with more captions, but we won’t. You’re welcome. However, feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section.

Like this post? Maybe, just maybe, we’ll add it as a recurring blog topic.

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It Didn’t Happen To You – A Soap Box Moment

Yes, yes, I know I’m a white female who was blessed to be raised by a middle class family in America. I also understand that whilst growing up, a “want” for me meant not getting a Lunchable and eating a pb&j instead. That said, stories such as this one irritate me.

It’s not hard to come across atrocious stories of heinous crimes, typically fueled by hate, ignorance and prejudice. The incidents surrounding the Sand Creek Massacre are no different. I’m not going to go into a history lesson here, you can look it up yourself (I also recommend watching Ken Burns documentary The West).

To the descendants of the Sand Creek Massacre victims, I am irritated by your lawsuit against the U.S. Government seeking money for reparations. Yes, I understand your ancestors were ruthlessly slaughtered. But unless you’re a zombie or a ghost, you were not. I also highly doubt you are 150+ years old and managed to survive the attack. Obviously, someone in your family tree survived, or you would not be here today. Thus, as the crime committed did not happen directly to you or someone in your immediate family, you, personally, do not deserve to be compensated. Additionally, the current government is not responsible for the actions of Colonel Chivington. Instead of seeking a monetary atonement to be squandered however you see fit, it would be better to have the funds be used to establish a better National Park/Historical Site to honor your dead.

Soap box moment complete.

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Who knew I was so popular in India?

Here’s an excerpt:

The London Olympic Stadium is 53 meters high. This blog had about 720 visitors in 2012. If every visitor were a meter, this blog would be 14 times taller than the Olympic Stadium – not too shabby.

Click here to see the complete report.

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My One and Only Election Post

I have no qualms in stating I did not vote for Obama in 2008. I did not vote for him again in 2012. My personal values and beliefs just don’t match up with his. As the election between Romney and Obama was so close this year, I had a small sliver of hope that the President would not win re-election.

In light of last night’s election results, I joked with my husband that instead of moving from California to Colorado, which has become a swing state that likes to get high on marijuana apparently, we should have moved to Montana. Montana still boasts the mountains and open land we love but it also is a solid red state.

But as I was driving to work this morning, preparing my spirit for the day by listening to my Praise and Worship Pandora station, I reflected on that comment. Beyond the fact that God called us to move to Colorado (or return, as is the case for my husband) and not to Montana, there are a lot of misguided people in this state. People that are lost and need the Lord. If all the Christians moved away, who would be left to be an example of Christ’s love?

So, even though the man I voted for did not win the election, I can have peace knowing that Jesus is still King and I will continue to pray for this state, for this nation, for the President. I will continue in my endeavour to know Christ more deeply, to live more like He did and to share His love with those around me.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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Slacker Who Likes Music

I know, I know, I’m horrendously bad at keeping up with my blog! This one and the one I maintain for my family. #lesigh


I came across this meme online today and decided to blog it. Hey, it’s “fun” and gives you something to read/do on a Monday. You can’t really top that.

Put Your Media Player on Shuffle (for increased variety, I used Pandora)
  1. The overall theme of the [Office Supply Zombie] Apocalypse: Heavy In Your Arms
  2. The song that plays during your first zombie kill: Soul Meets Body
  3. The song that plays while you are getting chased by a Horde: I Feel It All
  4. The song that plays when you are forced to kill your loved one: Across The Universe
  5. The song that plays when you find your new loved interest: United States Of Eurasia
  6. The song that plays when you make your final stand: Panic Switch
  7. The song that plays when you (think you) make it through it all: Never Say Never
  8. The song that plays when you find a bite mark on you: Fences

I love how several of these random match-ups actually make sense, like number 7. Foreshadowing much?

Now that this is done, I hope your Monday is improving already. I’d say mine is but I just learned that Manning is coming to Denver and the Broncos want to trade my beloved Tebow. >_<

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