20 Explanations for…

Due to Friday being incredibly busy at work, 30 uses has once again been postponed until Monday.  This week, instead of offering 30 Uses for an inanimate object,I’m posting 20 Explanations for this picture:

  1. Only way to wash his hair, obviously
  2. Asian version of a swirly
  3. Street-side baptism
  4. Water boarding FAIL
  5. Mobster warning
  6. Scalp water massage
  7. Street-side delousing service
  8. Using warm water to eliminate brain freeze
  9. Make him pee FAIL (you’re supposed to put the hand in water)
  10. Underwater hair braiding (a level up from underwater basket weaving)
  11. Wound cleaning post drive by scalping
  12. Adding the “secret ingredient” to La Soupe de Jour
  13. What Not to Wear: Asia
  14. Ritual ear cleansing (I’m thinking the creepy observer has a mouth like a sailor)
  15. Saving the kid from the vortex to hell
  16. The store was sold out of bathtubs and Johnny there had some bad B.O.
  17. This is the only way to ensure Johnny washed behind his ears
  18. Ultimate punishment for not showering at home: sponge bath by mom & dad on the street while Aunt Sue supervises
  19. An ancient ritual of receiving knighthood
  20. Exorcism

Feel free to comment with other suggestions.

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