30 Uses for a Mini BBQ Grill

Not just any mini BBQ grill – but one made from a discarded Altoids can. Useful or useless? You decide! To help you choose, my good ol’ buddy Tim and I have come up with 30 Uses for an Altoids Can BBQ Grill:

Click on picture for source

Click on picture for source

  1. Grill one shrimp – not jumbo
  2. Roast one chestnut
  3. Dry Barbie’s socks
  4. Roast three peanuts
  5. Sear one-ounce of steak
  6. Boil four-ounces of water
  7. Carefully, tip upside down and caramelize sugar (not recommended)
  8. Melt the ends of a raveled shoelace
  9. Create a charcoal writing device by burning the tip of a stick (repeat as necessary)
  10. Start a forest fire (not recommended)
  11. Char a half-ounce burger
  12. Sanitize a fish hook, or two
  13. Use as a display item in Barbie’s Dream House, or backyard
  14. Melt one Duplo Lego or four regular Legos
  15. Place below a chafing dish
  16. Roast two mini-links hot dogs
  17. Burn hair for ritualistic purposes
  18. Dry your feet, one toe at a time
  19. Dry recently manicured nails
  20. Roast one marshmallow
  21. Use as a desktop space heater
  22. Set three cancer-sticks ablaze
  23. Melt one ice cube (extinguish flame)
  24. Attract bugs – ZAP! (although the bug may fart and put out the flame)
  25. Toast croutons – make them extra crispy!
  26. Make a very small batch of popcorn, or inedibly burn part of a Jiffy Pop
  27. Rotate one slice of bread in an attempt to make toast
  28. Melt a scent-release wax disk (extinguish flame)
  29. Cook two chicken nuggets
  30. Place inside a paper bag, with poo, and set upon an enemy’s porch (not recommended)

If you like this post so much you are seriously considering upcycling that empty Altoids can rolling around your car, you can find additional details on this doll-sized BBQ here.

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