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Personally, I think the people in the above photo look much too unconcerned about the tornado looming in the background. Granted, I grew up in California where we are accustomed to the earth moving beneath our feet, not rising up in massive swirling dust and debris clouds. Even now, as I live on the far western border of tornado alley, I am more accustomed to tornado watches and warnings, but still anxiously afraid of the tornadoes themselves.

That said, Tim and I banded together to come up with some alternate captions for the aforementioned photo:

Just another day in the neighborhood.

What? A tornado? But it’s the bottom of the 9th with one out…

How far is it? Two miles? We’ve got time. Batter up!

I just bought this beer, no way I’m giving it up for some tornado.

Hey kid! Where are you going? Are you a ball player or a baby running to his momma?

Crying? There’s no crying in baseball! It’s just a tornado, probably only an EF-2. Get back out to right field!

Dude, that’s not even rain! Just finish the game.

Hey, it looks like it’s heading away from us, not toward us.

Hey Jimmy, think if I hit the ball into the tornado it will spit it back out onto the field?

Hey, Sweetie, go get me a beer please. Daddy doesn’t feel like getting up, it’s a little windy.

We could go on and on with more captions, but we won’t. You’re welcome. However, feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section.

Like this post? Maybe, just maybe, we’ll add it as a recurring blog topic.

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