It Didn’t Happen To You – A Soap Box Moment

Yes, yes, I know I’m a white female who was blessed to be raised by a middle class family in America. I also understand that whilst growing up, a “want” for me meant not getting a Lunchable and eating a pb&j instead. That said, stories such as this one irritate me.

It’s not hard to come across atrocious stories of heinous crimes, typically fueled by hate, ignorance and prejudice. The incidents surrounding the Sand Creek Massacre are no different. I’m not going to go into a history lesson here, you can look it up yourself (I also recommend watching Ken Burns documentary The West).

To the descendants of the Sand Creek Massacre victims, I am irritated by your lawsuit against the U.S. Government seeking money for reparations. Yes, I understand your ancestors were ruthlessly slaughtered. But unless you’re a zombie or a ghost, you were not. I also highly doubt you are 150+ years old and managed to survive the attack. Obviously, someone in your family tree survived, or you would not be here today. Thus, as the crime committed did not happen directly to you or someone in your immediate family, you, personally, do not deserve to be compensated. Additionally, the current government is not responsible for the actions of Colonel Chivington. Instead of seeking a monetary atonement to be squandered however you see fit, it would be better to have the funds be used to establish a better National Park/Historical Site to honor your dead.

Soap box moment complete.

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