30 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

Ever think of something brilliant as you’re falling asleep, not write it down and then can’t recollect what it was in the morning? Yeah, I hate that too. Happened last night.  Maybe those errant thoughts will return to me throughout the day. Until then, here is my list for the first of December!

  1. Snow! Kind of makes it feel more like Christmas.
  2. Speaking of Christmas – Christmas lights reflecting on freshly fallen snow!
  3. A safe commute to work while driving on ice and snow-packed roads.
  4. Hot chocolate.
  5. The husband was able to grab some extra hours of sleep this morning.
  6. Rainbow from the sun peeking between clouds onto falling snow!
  7. Infant ibuprofen.
  8. My husband was home to help share the late night toddler cries.
  9. Not sliding on black ice.
  10. Great next-door neighbors.

Did you make your list today?

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