Summer of Films

I haven’t been an avid movie-goer since I was in middle and high school, when I had nothing better to spend my money on.  For years after that my Blockbuster card got regular use.  After a while I decided that renting movies was a waste of money when I could buy the film for roughly the same price at Walmart.

However, last year a friend encouraged me to try Red Box.  I had been weary of the crimson video rental machine after hearing several news stories about credit card scammers using them for phishing.  However, there are 5 Red Boxes within 2 miles from my house and I can reserve them online! Even better!  Plus, Red Box gave me about 7 or so free rentals this summer! Hard to beat free.  I can’t tell you the last time I rented so many films!

Here’s a run down. Hopefully my comments will help you plan your next in-home movie night. 🙂

4/5 Stars

5/5 Stars - I will be purchasing this movie! I also love gnomes!

4/5 Stars - Definitely a Catherine Hardwicke film. I did not correctly guess who the wolf was. Neither did my husband nor my sister.

5/5 Stars - Very cute! I will be buying this DVD!

4/5 Stars - Great chick flick. I would buy this DVD, but then again I've loved Josh since he was on AMC.

3/5 Stars - Odd film. Good remake. Rented for my parents.

2/5 Stars - Glad this movie was free!

I honestly didn't watch this movie. My sister and husband wanted to see it, I didn't.

3/5 - Perfect for your Debbie Downer moments.

4/5 - Despite the negative reviews this film recieved, we really enjoyed it. If I see it in the $5 bin, I will buy it.

2/5 - Love Reese, like Paul. Glad this movie was free.

4/5 - Very cute movie. The boy in it is adorbale. Would greatly consider purchasing.

5/5 - Loves this movie. I want to buy it.

What should I rent next? I’m always open to suggestions.

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