I don’t like to swear and especially don’t condone using the abbreviated form of the word fornication.  Therefore, Tim and I have come up with some alternative meanings for the “WTF” phrase:

  1. What The Fork
  2. What The Ford
  3. Wheat Thins Forever
  4. What The Flock
  5. White Trash Freedomers
  6. Wet T-shirt Fun
  7. When Tomatoes Fall
  8. While Transformers Fart
  9. With Thick Foam
  10. When Time Fails
  11. When Time Flies
  12. Witch Ticks & Flees
  13. Wholesale Tupperware Folio
  14. Wonderful Thrifty Finds
  15. Whiskey Thirsty Friends
  16. Water Thirty Frogs
  17. Winter Temps Freezing (aka my office during the summer)
  18. Waterloo Tyrant Frozen (aka Napoleon)
  19. Watch Them Fall
  20. Wholesome Tree Fir
  21. Wholesome Turkish Fries
  22. Watching Tangos Fail
  23. Wooly Tiger Fur
  24. Watch This Fail
  25. When Turkeys Fly
  26. While Tweeting Followers
  27. Who Tweets Fluff
  28. Windows Temporarily Freezes
  29. When Turtles Fiddle
  30. Why TJ‘s Fat

Do you have a favorite version that pops into your head every time you come across a WTF? Share them in the comments.

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