A fictional expansion free write based off the characters from a book series I recently read.

DJ stopped the saw so he could answer his phone.  He glanced at the caller ID – Jenna, Bella’s best friend, and his new sister-in-law.  “I wonder what she wants? Bet it has to do with the honeymoon…” Since the trip location was being kept secret from his bride-to-be, DJ enlisted Jenna’s help packing Bella’s luggage.  “Hi Jenna, what’s up?”

“DJ! There’s been an accident.  They’re taking Bella to the hospital!  You need to meet us there and hurry!” The line went dead.  DJ stood frozen for a moment as panic started to set-in.  He had to remind himself to breathe.  Dropping everything he was working on, DJ sped to the hospital trying desperately to keep his heart in check and praying fervently that the Lord would heal Bella.

When he arrived at the hospital, there was no question where to go – he just followed the worried voices speaking in loud Italian.

“Oh DJ! Thank God you were able to come!” Rosa, Bella’s aunt, exclaimed, pulling DJ into a tight embrace.

“What happened? Where’s Bella?” he questioned, pulling out of the hug, concern etched on his voice.

“They’ve taken her to get a CAT scan or an MRI – I can’t remember,” her mother, Imelda, answered.  DJ looked around at the faces of his fiance’s family, searching for someone who was able to tell him what happened.

“Jenna!” he spotted. “What happened? They’re all speaking in Italian – I can’t understand a word they’re saying!”

“We were getting the reception hall ready for tomorrow’s wedding.  I was helping set the tables while Bella was on a ladder stringing lights.  The next thing we knew, there was a loud thud and Bella was on the floor not moving.  She didn’t even make a sound when she fell, DJ!  There was blood in her mouth and under her head!” Jenna dissolved into tears before she could say anymore.  DJ wasn’t even sure he wanted to know more of the gruesome details.  What Jenna did tell him made him feel sick with fear and worry.  He needed to see Bella.  He needed to know she was going to be alright.

After what felt like an eternity, a nurse entered the waiting room, which was now filled with all of Bella’s extended family, DJ’s family and many friends.  Everyone was praying, some silently and some together aloud.  But everyone was nervously waiting.

“Bella’s been moved to a private room,” the nurse spoke.  “However, I can only allow two people to visit her at a time.”  Everyone looked around at everyone else before Bella’s father spoke, “Imelda – you and DJ must visit our Bella first.”

The nurse nodded, “Please come with me.”  Imelda and DJ followed the nurse in silence as they walked down the sterile hospital hallways.  When they approached Bella’s room, Imelda immediately rushed to her side, grasping Bella’s hand and sobbing in Italian.  DJ stood back, nervously reserved, allowing time to absorb what he saw.  Bella’s face was as pale as the white sheet underneath her body.  She had gauze wrapped around her head and tubes and cords everywhere.  One for oxygen.  One to monitor her pulse rate. Another for her blood pressure.  But what DJ noticed how still and lifeless Bella looked.  If it weren’t for the beeping on the monitor, DJ would have doubted that his fiancee was still alive.

A few minutes after their arrival the doctor entered the room.  “How is she?” DJ questioned as the doctor brushed past.

“Bella took a terrible fall, but her scans came back clean, which is good.  There’s no indication of any brain swelling or internal bleeding.  The external blood was simply because head wounds tend to bleed a lot.  She bit her tongue rather harshly when she fell.  We gave her a sedative to keep her still during the scans, but she does suffers from a serious concussion.  She’s lucky she didn’t break anything in the fall.  I am, however, running some addition blood work to determine is there is was a cause for her fall.  From the accounts given when she was admitted it didn’t appear as if she only lost her footing on the ladder.  I’ll know more when I have those results.”  DJ nodded, not taking his eyes from Bella.  Imelda, however, rose to follow the doctor out oft he room, plaguing him with additional questions.  DJ didn’t mind.  Her leaving gave him some much needed alone time with Bella.

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