Mashups – Round 12

  1. Something Like That Moon
    I never understood the fascination with dropping your drawers and showing your “full moon” to someone.  Or, as I often see online, photobombing another picture.  However, it makes me think of the terror the mooners felt in Grease when they were indirectly threatened with an FBI investigation to identify those big white spheres.
  2. Blackout All My Life
    Mulligan! Can I get a do-over? [sidebar: in all seriousness, I would not want to relive my formative years].
  3. Gone Missing
    Currently, this applies to the visitor chair in my office.  It used to apply to my pens, but now I force “borrowers” to use my giant Dodgers pen.
  4. Suddenly I See: Fade
    In the famous words of Blinkin, “I can see! I can see!” *crash into tree* “Nope. I was wrong.”
  5. The Heart of Everything Accidentally In Love
    Roy and Pam are engaged. But Roy’s a jerk and Pam enjoys spending time with Jim. Without an conscious effort, Pam falls in love with Jim. It was accidental. The heart wants what it wants, and it doesn’t want Roy.
  6. Home: Somewhere I Belong
    Somewhere I would like to be right now. And now. And now. Now, too…
  7. But It’s Better If You Do Kiss Me
    It’s better to hold hands instead of not. It’s better to hug instead of just holding hands. But it’s really better is you kiss me. *pucker*. [Note: “me” is hypothetical.]
  8. What About Come Home Now
    I utter a phrase similar to this one every afternoon, after I pick-up my son from his nanny, and call my husband, who’s still at work.
  9. Live Like You Were Falling In Love at a Dying Coffee Shop
    Sounds like the perfect Hollywood script. In fact, it sounds a lot like the storyline behind “Lucky 7”. only in that movie, I don’t think the coffee shop was on the verge of Chapter 11.  Good movie nonetheless.  [Note: When thinking of coffee shops from tv/film, am I the only one who pictures Central Perk?]
  10. Stop and Stare: Fan Letter to Michael Jackson
    If by fan letter you mean stalker, and if my stalker you mean Tim.  He has a secret love obsession with MJ’s music.  Not the person, himself (cause we all know he was a sicko). In fact, I have seen old home movies of Tim sporting one glove and doing the moonwalk. [ok, not really, but picturing it in my head makes me laugh].
  11. Speaking of Tim, he continues this mashup round over at his page. Check it all. Call him a stalker. He likes it.
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