Mashups – Round Dix

Been busy at work, so this is delayed in it’s appearance.  But alas, here are the 10th round of mashups for your amusement:

  1. Gimme Three Little Bitty Steps
    Every parent’s anticipatory thought when they watch their baby contemplate taking his/her first steps.  One day, somewhat sooner than later, I will be that parent.
  2. Float On Like a Stone
    Remember the Salem Witch Trials?  Do you recall the ridiculous method they had for testing to see if a person was a witch?  Throw them in the river! If they float like wood, they’re a witch and must be burned at the stake.  If they sink like a stone, they were not a witch, but alas, have drowned.  Ooopsie.
  3. Only One Anthem
    Apologies to Mme. Brennan, but IMO, this is The Star Spangled Banner.  And unlike Ms. Aguilera, I actually know all of the lyrics and sing it loudly and proudly at every baseball game I attend.  I do think that more US Olympians need to belt out the song while standing on the podium.
  4. Me and My Man of Constant Sorrow Gang
    Misery loves company.  This mashup reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday, so she joins up with the desolate group, “Friends of the Friendless”.
  5. I Belong to You Sweet Home Alabama
    Alabama, my family has lived in your state for well over 150 years.  My dad grew up there. I visited there on a regular basis as a child.  I regret that I have not visited your lovely state in neigh a decade.  Perhaps one day soon I may rectify that it. Until then, please know that you do hold a special place in my heart.
  6. Never Surrender Last Name
    Ladies, call me old-fashioned, but I believe that when you marry, you should take your husband’s last name. However, I also think that if you have a particularly lovely last name such as  Jones, Smith, Johnson, etc and your husband’s last name is Weiner, Flusherman, or Obama, perhaps you might want to reconsider.  Think of the children!
  7. Beautiful Disaster Sleeping In
    Your husband is sweet and offers you a Saturday morning to sleep in.  You relish the idea of snuggling into your pillow and hour or two longer while your husband gets the kids up, dressed and fed.  You wake up relaxed, and in no hurry to get ready for the day.  You make your way downstairs only to see the disaster in the kitchen.  Egg shells and batter everywhere.  Your husband must have used every clean dish in the house.  However, despite the mess, you enjoy seeing your children with sticky syrupy grins.  Definitely worth the extra time in bed!
  8. Satellite Falls Apart
    A couple of years ago there was a mysterious serious of lights over Colorado in the early morning hours.  My husband saw them. I didn’t.  The cover story was that a satellite broke apart upon reentry.  I think really Anna was running another one of her experiments, supposedly for the good of the human race…like the red sky.  Maybe not even that, maybe just more sleeper agents landing.  Colorado does have a plethora of military bases…
  9. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race All For You
    Zombiepocolypse Preparation 101 – this is no longer a test.  It is not a scene out of a movie.  This is your life.  As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared.  Take up arms and learn how to protect yourself and loved ones from the Zombie War!  Note: Zombie may also be synonymous with V.
  10. If I Had 19-2000 Eyes
    I would be a fly. Or an alien. Or an alien fly.  I sure have talked a lot about aliens in this blog.  Perhaps it’s because of Tim’s fear of abduction, or the fact I hear probings occuring down the hall, or because my friend Melissa and I are currently texting back and forth about the X-Files.  More likely, Anna is just trying to throw in some not-so-subtle subliminal messages.  Either way, just remember I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.
  11. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check-out Tim’s mashups (11-20).
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