Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Happy National Bubble Wrap Week!  Did you know there was a full week devoted to such a multi-purpose piece of plastic?  I bet you’re wishing you had a sheet to pop right now.  Don’t try to deny it.  But, bubble wrap has many more uses than just personal entertainment to satisfy our OCD tendencies.

Here are 30 uses for that wonderful, air-filled packing material we know as bubble wrap!

  1. Popping (duh! by far the best use)
  2. Wrapping fragile items for moving/shipping
  3. Wrapping around your friend to see if he can still feel a kick/punch/knee to the head, stomach, groin…
  4. Freaking out your dog
  5. Placing on floor in front of door to surprise spouse when he/she comes home late at night
  6. Insect repellent (wrap your entire body in bubble wrap to prevent even a mosquito from penetrating your air-filled armor. Note: only works with big bubble wrap)
  7. Cover your desk to prevent headaches during *headdesk* moments
  8. If you live in California, wrap everything in your house with bubble wrap just incase “The Big One” hits
  9. Place bubble wrap on the bumpers of your cars so you bounce away without damage when in an accident
  10. Hide under seat cushions for a cheap alternative to a whoopie cushion
  11. Hang large sheets of it around your tub for a fun shower curtain
  12. Wrap around torso or arms to act as a life vest/flotation device when swimming (Note: I neither condone nor confirm that this will work. Wear at your own risk)
  13. Place bubble wrap under your sheets for a new mattress pillow-top
  14. Layer your roof with bubble wrap to prevent hail damage during a storm
  15. Clumsy? Wrap your lower legs and feet in bubble wrap to prevent shin-bangs and stubbed toes.
  16. Exfoliating toilet paper
  17. Computer keyboard dustcover
  18. Hang in a window frame (whether house or car, does not matter) to replace broken glass. Sure it might obscure your view, but not everyone has poppable windows.
  19. Connect several pieces together and design your own pool floaty
  20. Line refrigerator drawers to prevent fruit from bruising
  21. Add a piece into a standard envelope to create your own padded envelope
  22. Place a piece under a child’s dinner plate for an interactive placemat
  23. Wrapping paper
  24. Wrap a piece around your soda to help keep the drink cold
  25. Use as insulation in the dog house
  26. Who needs Dr. Scholl’s when you have bubble wrap?
  27. Don’t use a sponge to faux-paint your walls, use bubble wrap
  28. Remove backing to large bubbles and use the empty space to hold your favorite condiments. Perfect for dipping.
  29. Keep a large piece in the trunk of your car to use as an emergency blanket/air mattress
  30. Tape a piece to a friend’s car tire as a practical joke

Happy popping!

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