Mashups – Round 9

It’s Friday! Did this week seem extra boring to anyone else?  Not long, just blah.  Maybe it was just me (but I doubt it).  Well, perhaps some mashups will add some spunk into your day.

  1. Outside I Don’t Have to Be Me
    As Tim so eloquently put, in high school I dressed in many different styles.  Not as a poser, but because I have a complex personality and like to express each facet.  Inside, I was always (am always) the same blunt and sarcastic individual, but outside I could be whoever I wanted on any given day. 🙂
  2. Good Riddance Dirty Little Secret
    Finally!  That secret that I’ve been harboring all these months is out in the open!  But, they don’t know that we know they know we know.
  3. Distraction: What Was I Thinking
    So you see, that’s why the chicken – hey look! A train!  Now, wait…what was I talking about?
  4. Voices, I Love You Today
    For all you paranoid schizophrenics, you know what I’m talking about.  That rare day that comes along every blue moon, where your delusions are not angry, threatening or scary.  You actually consider them friends on these days.  They’re happy, you’re happy.  It’s a great day!
  5. Can’t Stop Whatever It Is
    I got a feeling, My head’s a reeling, My heart is screaming, I’m about to bust loose…I got a feeling, Are you feeling it too?
  6. Colder Weather Karma Police
    The car in front of you is driving “too” slow for the wintry weather conditions.  You pass them, throwing the bird as you drive by.  Suckers.  Just know, that you will find that one small patch of ice that will send your car careening into the nearest fire hydrant.
  7. I’m Not Buying Our Kind of Love
    We’re in a recession.  I can’t afford to be frivolously throwing my money around on things like love!  How about a rain check? A freebee?  An IOU?  What about a coupon…maybe if I have a coupon…
  8. The Contagious Shape I’m In
    If you have kids, or work with kids, you know they are germ factories.  And no matter how hard you try to stay healthy, you always end up catching something.  *ACHOO*  And, no matter how hard you try from giving that something to someone else, you do.  Can I have a tissue?
  9. There She Goes Wasted
    We had a neighbor like this that lived above us at our apartment complex.  She was constantly high or drunk and would stumble up and down the stairs, which unfortunately were connected to the other side of our bedroom wall.  We dubbed her “Elephant Lady”.  Sometime, after she moved, we received a letter from the city government in the mail wanting us to review her as an applicant for a job.  Needless to say, she did not get a good rating from us.
  10. Back to December All Summer Long
    Here in Colorado, summers are very hot and dry.  I love the sun and high temperatures, but there comes a point when I start dreaming about snow.  This probably occurs most often when I’m sleeping in shorts and a tank top, on top of my covers, with the fan on and window open, yet I’m still sweating (don’t have AC).  These are the nights where my husband and I stay on our respective sides of the bed and say, “Don’t touch me – it’s too hot!”.  This is when we look forward to December.  To snow.  To snuggling under warm comforters.  To temperatures below freezing.  Ah, the relief of standing in front of the open fridge…it’s almost the same. Kinda.
  11. You know the drill – Tim has #11-20.  Read them. Go!

I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.

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One Response to Mashups – Round 9

  1. tbronley says:

    #1, #3, and #7 are my favorites.

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