10 Favorite Disney Characters

Tim wrote a fun post about favorite Disney characters.  I’m going to steal it because, well, it’s just awesome.  He said he was going to tag me in his post but he’s a slacker and claims it’s too much effort to figure out how to tag me.  😛

Regardless, I grew up with Disney movies.  I remember how excited I was when The Little Mermaid was released in theaters and then on VIDEO CASSETTE!  Now, I’m working on acquiring these great films on DVD so my son can enjoy them too, without track lines.  So here are my picks the the following 10 categories that I assisted Tim in creating.

  1. Favorite Dwarf: Sleepy.

    I’m not sure if this has always been my favorite dwarf, but he’s the one I can most closely relate to now days.  I have a young son.  I’m always tired, or um, sleepy.
  2. Favorite Hero: Mulan.

    Finally, a Disney movie that didn’t optimize women as helpless and in constant need of a male savior to rescue her from the evil-doers.  Of course, Mulan did receive training and help from Shang, but in the end, she was the one who took up her father’s cross and saved the town/nation from the Huns.
  3. Favorite Comedy Relief: Hercules.

    What’s better than a clumsy half-human, half-deity that is supposed to very strong and sure, runs around with a faun and bends women at the boob?  Plus he’s got those swirly marks on his knees and elbows.
  4. Favorite Sidekick: Mushu.

    Admit it, after watching Mulan, you too wanted your own little dragon for a pet.  Mushu might have had a dose of Napoleon Syndrome and was the underdog, but he always stuck with Mulan and proved to the Ancestors that he was a reliable guardian.
  5. Favorite Magical Character: Genie.

    The Genie could really fit in several of these categories, but I chose him as my favorite magical character because, well he was awesome!  All of the little stunts he pulled around Aladdin, that had nothing to do with wishes – that would eliminate the possibility of any day being mundane.  Plus, imagine what you could do with three wishes?!  I’m sure back in 1992 I had come up with what my three wishes would be. They also surely revolved around never having to clean my room, no homework and probably an endless supply of candy.  🙂  For the record, the only good Genie was from the first Aladdin movie.  No offense to, Dan Castellaneta, but you’re no Robin Williams.
  6. Favorite Villain: Ursula.

    She was the one villain that I truly loved to hate.  She always managed to wriggle her way into the middle of Ariel’s happiness, which is quite a feat considering her girth.  Odd too how King Triton’s sister was an octopus.  Just sayin’.  Anywho, I am always happy to see Eric jam the broken ship mast into her gut followed by the electricity that sparked out of her, how she briefly turned into an x-ray image, and then *poof*!  Sannakji!
  7. Favorite Hundred Acre Wood Character: I never really liked Winnie the Pooh.  In fact, I still don’t really care for the characters (and refuse to buy Pooh merchandise for my son), despite that fact I read the books as a child.  In my 7th grade English class one of my peers looked like Christopher Robin, so that’s what our teacher nick-named him.  However, should I pick a character I prefer over the others, it would have to be Eeyore.  My dog sits like Eeyore.
  8. Favorite Traditional Character: Goofy.

    Goofy is funny.  He isn’t an annoying mouse and he wears pants.  When I was in elementary school, I bought a Goofy hat at Disneyland, complete with dangling ears.  I was SO mad later on when I got in a scuffle with my sister and somehow permanent marker made a line on one of the felt teeth.  I declared the hat was ruined and refused to wear it every again.  I’m pretty sure I still have it on a shelf in my closet.  Maybe my son won’t mind the faint line on the tooth (if it’s even still visible all these years (decades) later) and want to wear the hat when he’s older.
  9. Favorite Princess: Belle.

    Finally, Disney created a princess who was not a ditsy blonde!  I always sided more with Belle because she was a lot like me: aside from the fact I didn’t marry a French prince, we’re both brunette, love to read, opinionated, stubborn…you get the idea.
  10. All-time Favorite Character: It’s a toss-up between Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast and the Aliens in Toy Story.  I choose Lumiere because he swears in French during the invasion of the castle. I choose the Aliens, because well, they’re aliens and they say, “Ooooo”.  I almost bought a shirt with them on it recently.

Did you enjoy reminiscing along with me?  Leave a comment and with your picks for the above categories!

I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.

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