Mashups – Round 8

Keeping the momentum going, and to provide something fun to read at the end of a long short week, I present to you Round 8 of Music Mashups:

  1. I Melt Closer To The Edge
    Salvador Dali’s inspiration for “Exploding Clock”
  2. Our Kind of Upside Down Love
    The truth behind monkey love and why it’s so popular.  Perhaps a chapter in the Karma Sutra.
  3. Shadow Stabbing White Liar
    How a paranoid schizophrenic really feels about his nemesis.
  4. I Got a Feeling I Got Nothin’
    Picture this: you’re on a date.  You like the girl, but you’re not sure just how much.  She then makes the mistake of being the first one to say those three little words (ladies, never say it first).  You need a response, but you don’t want to say them back because you’re not in love with her, so you start out with, “I got a feeling…” then blurt out, “I got nothing.”  The girl is obviously hurt and taken aback.  Probably a little embarrassed by her proclamation.  So, being the nice guy that you are, you pass it off as a brain fart thought derailment.  You smile sheepishly.  The date ends. You never see the girl again.
  5. Don’t You Wanna Stay Chicken Fried
    You’re from California, Southern specifically, where people are expected to be tan.  Only you live on the beach where it’s almost always foggy, which is not conducive to laying out in the sun.  Your friends all fake bake, but you’re a poor college student without a trust fund and can’t afford weekly trips to the tanning salon.  Your friends, nice that they are, ridicule you for your pasty white skin.  You try to jump in and announce how in the Victorian age, white skin was very popular.  They laugh at you and go off on how you should look liked fried chicken because, “it’s soooooo hot!”
  6. Family Man Fall Into Me
    Every home wrecker’s dream.
  7. Life is a Brain Stew Highway
    Sounds like horror movie…or a CSI episode.  Either, a great choice of programming to watch whilst eating dinner.  That’s typically what happens in my house.  Last night it was V with peeling skin.  Mmmmm, tasty!
  8. Need You Now, Emergency Workers
    Calling all paramedics, EMTs and Medical Examiners…um, there’s a brain stew epidemic on the 405.  Respond, STAT.
  9. Across the Sea Somewhere with You
    Your boyfriend is about to be arrested for tax evasion, embezzlement, oh and spilling brain stew all across the most packed freeway in the state of California.  Before the authorities can catch him, he’s decided to flee to the Cayman Islands.  He’ll be safe there.  No extradition policies with the States.  He’s obviously a horrible man and deserves to rot in prison, but you’ve been brainwashed and manipulated to think you’re in love with him.  So you run off across the Caribbean Sea to stay with him.  Good thing you’re not going to Aruba.
  10. Miss Independent, Who Are You When I’m Not Looking
    Teenagers always think they’re the best thing since sliced bread.  They like to make people see just how suave and together they are.  They put on an air of independence.  Who needs mom and dad at that age?  Well, you know what?  As soon as they need money or have a relationship break up, who do they come crawling back to – mom and dad.
  11. Head on over to Tim’s blog to read #s 11-20
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