30 Uses Returns!

I’m back!  After being really busy at work, tired at home, and on vacation, I finally have had some time to come up with a 30 Uses.  As a parent of a nearly 10-month old, we go through lots of baby food containers at our house.  Thus my inspiration.  Sometimes, it seems a waste to throw out perfectly good jars, so Tim and I have come up with 30 Uses for Baby Food Jars…

  1. Planter/terrarium
  2. Spare change collection device
  3. Diorama
  4. Glass Christmas Tree (when several are shaped together)
  5. Eavesdropping device (when placed against wall)
  6. Toothpick holder
  7. Salt/pepper shaker (when holes are punched in lid)
  8. Sea Monkey bowl
  9. Maraca
  10. Spare button collection device
  11. Pill bottle
  12. Rain gauge
  13. Water cup
  14. Emergency urinal
  15. 100-cal candy jar
  16. Weapon
  17. Portable condiment container for brown bag lunches
  18. Miniature ant farm
  19. Sand art
  20. Christmas Tree ornament
  21. Ribbon spool
  22. Ink/paint well
  23. Aroma holder
  24. Candle
  25. Ring toss pin
  26. Bird feeder
  27. Suncatcher
  28. Homemade baby food storage
  29. Film canister
  30. Redneck Doorknob replacement

And on that note, remember that I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.

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