La Nina

La Nina is a mean-spirited woman.  She likes to ruin traditional fall/winter weather in Colorado and substitute it for something similar to what I grew up with in California, only without any precipitation, really.

Despite my disdain for the South American weather phenom, I had to admit there is a small (very small) part of me that doesn’t mind her dastardly ways.  To sum-up, I’ve created a small list detailing her pros and cons.

No snow in December – easy commute to/from work
Warm temperatures – t-shirts and lightweight sweaters
Don’t need to wear big bulky items every time I want to go outside – don’t have to worry about the munchkin freezing in the backseat

No snow in December – doesn’t really feel like Christmas
Warm temperatures – 60° temperatures are for California, not Colorado in December.
Don’t need to wear big bulky items every time I want to go outside – I miss the brisk air, and laughing about frozen boogers.

Also, La Nina has made it very windy lately.  I don’t like the wind.  It messes with my hair and makes it feel as if my SUV is going to blow into another lane.  Wind in December reminds me of Santa Anas in SoCal during December…but those winds are warm.  The ones that blow here are cold, coming right off the mountains.  Wind chills do not make it feel like Christmas either.

I grew up making fun of my East Coast relatives by bragging about how it was 85° on Christmas day.  Although I don’t expect it to reach that temperature in Colorado, I moved here for a reason (that has absolutely nothing to do with seasons), and I expect snow in December!  My first several years of living in Colorado I was granted a white Christmas.  My first year here there was even a blizzard 3 days before the holiday.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled, but regardless I became accustomed to seeing the white stuff fall from the sky and stick to the ground.  I enjoy placing my Christmas tree in a snow bank on New Year’s Eve.  I don’t have a live tree this year, but if I did, what would my options be – chopping it in half and stuffing it in my dumpsters? Where’s the fun in that?

So, please, La Nina, go away and return my normal winter weather!  Stop sending my snow to places that don’t deserve it or properly appreciate it – like Washington, Tennessee and Ireland!

~ I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand. ~

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