Music Mashups – Round 7

This round of mashups will be presented a little differently.  Half of the songs fit together into a theme.  Instead of detailing them out numerically, I pulled them all together to form a dark story.  Each song mashup is underlined in the story.  I have also chosen to use one a second time, as a title.  To assist in feeling the speaker’s moods, I have added some script cues.

Please be aware that this post necessitates at least a PG-13 rating.  If you chose to read, the story is below.  If you would rather just read something more uplifting, perhaps humorous , Tim has the remaining mashups on his blog.

I’d Follow You, Iris

I Fell In Love With A Girl A Day Late, but that’s okay, for now.  I know she will change her mind.  It’s hard to resist me, my charms, and I’m used to getting what I want.  I’d Come For You, Iris. I’ll follow your steps.  I’ll wait outside your home, watch you through your windows.  I’ll hide in the garage where you park your car.  You Hear Me Follow You Down the stairs?  One day you’ll miss me like how I Still Miss You When I’m Gone.  I yearn for you, I physically ache being so close, yet so far from you each day.  I would Never Let You Go Every Morning.

But Now, I see you with him! (angry, through gritted teeth)  How could you do this to me! Am I not good enough?  What makes him so worthy of your love?  (furious) Can’t you see how much you mean to me, that I would do anything for you?  Go ahead and Turn On The Heartless Radio, you bitch!  Why don’t you just rip the beating heart from my chest, while you’re at it?

(deep breath, calmly) No, it’s okay.  You know why?  Because I always get what I want.  And if I can’t have you…now, neither can he.  I relish the idea of The One Week Kill.  Feeling in control.  Listening to his whiny pleadings for mercy.  For freedom.  Feeling his life drain out of his pathetic, useless body.  (sardonic smile) I enjoy Feeling Good, Bleeding Love.  The warmth of liquid squishing between my fingers.  (nonchalantly) Eh, no worries.  He’s no longer in the picture, in your life, interrupting our love.  I no longer have to have my view of you, of your beauty, obstructed by his hideous presence.  One Push Under The Bridge, Walk Away, Aleady Gone.

(smiles) I’ll see you in the morning, Iris.  Sweet dreams, mi corazón.

~As always, I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand. ~
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