Music Mashups – Round 6

We I interrupt your regularly scheduled Internet browsing to bring you Music Mash-ups!

  1. Stadium Loser Love
    If you’re a Dodgers fan, I need to offer no further explanation. If you’re not a Dodgers fan – why the hell not?!
  2. 1940: Wherever You Will Go
    1940 was such a simplier time.  People had morals, family values were upheld, and the nation was not in a war.  Where have you gone 1940? And how can we get you back?
  3. Hotwax Lithium
    A sedative drip for schizophrenic masochists.
  4. New Heartless Soul
    You know that feel you get when you’re at the beginning of a new relationship?  This is the feeling you get when that relationship suddenly and bitterly ends.
  5. Crawling Great Escape
    What goes through every crawling baby’s mind – must get there, and must get there without her noticing!
  6. Peculiar People Burning Fire
    Well, it’s never the normal people setting fires and only weirdos would set fire to fire.  Just sayin.
  7. Call to Arms, Combat Baby
    In honor of the Marine’s birthday and Veteran’s Day tomorrow – thank you for your service and willingness to take up arms to protect freedom around the world!
  8. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Today
    Was over? Was tomorrow? Was yesterday?  Why can’t people just be happy with now?
  9. All-Star Muscle Museum
    AKA: Man Candy Museum. Yes, please!
  10. What I’ve Done Time After Time
    Wouldn’t you like to know…mwahahahahha!
  11. Now, Tim, back to you.

And remember, as always, I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.

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