30 Uses for Paper

It’s finally Friday! Time to celebrate with another round of 30 Uses!  Today, we return back to our roots, pre-Internet/email, to an item known as – paper!

  1. Confetti toss
  2. Ball substitute
  3. Shredding machine tester
  4. Voodoo doll
  5. Pin cushion
  6. Booster seat (ream)
  7. Fan (folded)
  8. Paper weight (ream)
  9. Foot stool (box of reams)
  10. Chinese finger trap
  11. Folded fortune teller
  12. Bookmark (folded)
  13. Funnel
  14. Cup
  15. Cutting device
  16. Straight edge
  17. Puzzle
  18. Communication device
  19. Airplane
  20. Megaphone
  21. Telescope
  22. Mask
  23. “Kick-me” Sign
  24. “Hello, my name is (Inigo Montoya)” badge
  25. Crown
  26. Tissue
  27. Napkin/Towel
  28. Protective device for picking-up disgusting objects
  29. Spider squisher
  30. Sunshade/Umbrella

~ I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand. ~

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