I grew up on the beach in Southern California where Autumn looked like this, which also happens to be what just about every other day of the year looked like.  There’s a reason why some refer to the area as “paradise”.

Granted, I love the beach.  I loved to go lay out in the warm sand and watch the waves crash as I worked on my tan. 😉  But I’ve lived in Colorado for four years now and never get tired of seeing four different seasons!

How can you not love seeing this!

Another aspect I love about Colorado in Autumn, watching the moon set over the mountains as the sun rises and tints the sky and fresh snow high peaks, pink.  I wish I had a camera that could capture just how breath-taking beautiful it truly is!

Someone knew what they were talking about when they nicknamed the state: Colorful Colorado!  When you drive into the state, you aren’t just welcomed to Colorado, but Colorful Colorado (see the proof)

I’m not yet ready for snow, and I think I’ll be surprised if we get any down here before November, but for now, I’m very content admiring all the yellow, orange and red trees in the area!

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