Stranded – Part 1

“Well now what are we going to do?  This is all your fault, ya know!”

“My fault? How is it my fault, you were the one reading the map!”

“But it’s your car! You should have noticed that we were running out of gas!”  Both girls gave an exasperated sigh and stared blankly out the windscreen.

“Well, arguing about who’s fault it is, is not going to get us off this random deserted road in the middle of nowhere.   So, Brittany, should we call your dad or sit here and wait for a car to go by and hitch a ride.”

“What car?  We’ve been on this road for miles and the only thing we’ve seen is yucca after yucca tree.”  Janelle tersely replied.  “Ugh, I guess call my dad…”  Just the thought of reaching out to that man made Janelle slump down in her seat.

“Figures,” Brittany mumbled.

“What now?”

“My battery is dead.  What about your phone?” Janelle leaned forward to grab her purse and dug around for a moment as she tried to locate the device.  “I don’t know how you ever find anything in that suitcase you carry.”

“It’s not a suitcase – large bags just happen to be in style right now.  You would know this if you read Vogue instead of Sports Illustrated…. Ah ha! Here it is!  Oh.  I don’t have reception.”

“Great!” Brittany exclaimed, clearly agitated.  “No gas and no reception, stranded in the middle of the friggin’ Mojave.  What do you suggest we do now, Miss Rand McNally?”

“Well…I guess we walk.”

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