30 Uses for a Button

We all have them on our clothes.  Extras sewn onto the wash instructions or come in miniscule zip-lock bags attached to the price tag.  What do you do with yours?  Keep them?  Stash them in a drawer or a box?  Well, with all those extra buttons lying around, Tim and I have derived 30 uses for those 2- and 4-holed threaded ornaments:

  1. Connect two sides of clothing (duh)
  2. Nose on a doll/animal
  3. Eyes on a doll/animal
  4. Frosty the Snowman’s Eyes
  5. Coin toss replacement
  6. Missing game piece replacement part
  7. Jewelry “bead”
  8. Collage decoration
  9. Christmas Ornament (on a string)
  10. Choke hazard
  11. Child’s ninja star (you know, for their safety)
  12. Homemade earring
  13. Bracelet charm
  14. Barrette decoration
  15. Wrist therapy
  16. Shoelace decoration
  17. Finger cymbals
  18. Pine box derby car wheels
  19. Toy pizza for Barbie
  20. Roller skate wheels for doll/animal
  21. “marbles”
  22. Forehead imprint marker
  23. Washer substitute
  24. Felt book connector
  25. Bookmark
  26. White trash seat belt connector
  27. Hypnotic device
  28. Baby gender prediction kit (string not included)
  29. Marraca bead-replacement
  30. Abacus (when put with many on strings)

Happy Friday!

~ I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand. ~

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