Music Mashups – Round 4

Back by popular demand (and because Tim and I had a wee moment of break between projects) are our Music Mash-ups!  I really think Pandora should give us free annual subscriptions for blogging about them via the music on our stations.  Anywho, onto this weeks list:

  1. I Hope You Hit Traffic Creep
    You know that driver – the one that’s moving erratically between lanes, cutting people off, talking on his phone, slowing down to a crawl when it’s raining, speeding on ice – yes that person.  I hope you hit traffic, Creep!  I also hope I don’t get stuck in it!
  2. Absolutely In Too Deep
    This is the point when you look up and realize that you should have stopped digging a loooooong time ago.
  3. I Want You Back Mr. Jones
    Words you never would have heard my Grandma utter after she divorced my Grandpa.
  4. The Bridge Under Here is Gone
    Darn those Japanese Imperialists for ruining the underwater bridge that connected Hawaii to California when they bombed the islands.
  5. Start Outside Shootin
    Kids, how many times do I have to tell you not to shoot your guns in the house! – Words from My Mom, Growing up in the Ghetto
  6. I’ll Be Home
    Of course I’ll be home.  I’m a working mom of a 6-month old!  I’m tired and hungry, where else would I be?
  7. How’s It Going To Be This Close
    I’m showing you just how close with my fingers.  Can you tell?
  8. Drift, Collide, and Die
    This is for you, traffic Creep!
  9. How to Save a Life If Today Was Your Last Day
    The self-help book for those who know exactly when they are going to expire.  Or, ways to not be a traffic creep before you expire.
  10. The Monster Hospital War
    Halloween is coming — are you ready?!?!
  11. To continue the list, please click here after the beep.  BEEEEEEEEEP!

~ I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand. ~

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