30 Uses for a Tennis Ball

Back by popular demand (and because Tim & I missed it): 30 Uses! Today’s item of choice: the tennis ball

  1. To hit with a tennis racket (duh)
  2. Place on the foot of a table/walker/chair for scooting purposes
  3. Dog toy
  4. Hang in garage so you know how far to pull-in/back-up
  5. Planet in a solar system mobile
  6. Juggling
  7. Doorknob
  8. Gear shift knob
  9. Weapon
  10. Remove skid marks off tile/laminate/walls
  11. Put over item to prevent hitting your knee (i.e. bed post)
  12. Butts Up
  13. Door stop
  14. Massage device
  15. Car antenna topper
  16. Trailer hitch cover
  17. Cut in half and use to open stubborn jars
  18. Hang one up to use as batting practice
  19. Stick on the end of a bicycle kickstand to prevent it from sinking into the mud or grass
  20. Make a curved sander for refinishing furniture by wrapping the ball in sandpaper
  21. Cut a slit and hide valuables inside
  22. Make into a Christmas tree ornament
  23. Put on lawn chair feet to prevent sinking into/damaging yard
  24. Squeeze to increase hand/forearm strength
  25. Cut a slit, fill with beans, glue slit shut and use as a rattle/maracas, etc.
  26. Cut a couple of large holes and place in a rodent cage to be used as a “house”
  27. Stick on the end of a pole to remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings
  28. Twirling baton end
  29. Mini-paper maché mold/frame
  30. Dog training pole end

Thanks to my sister for helping out this week!

~I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.~

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