Farethewell Summer

Dear Summer,

We have had several weeks of fun together enjoying the sun, thunderstorms and warm temperatures.  Sometimes you made the weather very hot, but that’s okay, I didn’t mind too much.  However, it’s time for you to move on.  I understand.  I will miss you when it’s -10°F outside and snow is falling.  I will miss you when I wake up in the morning shivering because it’s cold, but not yet cold enough to turn on the furnace.  I will miss walking outside at 10pm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and not being cold.  I will miss wearing flip-flops and not having to worry about my toes getting cold.  I will miss sitting on my back porch, watching the sun set behind the mountains and listening to frogs croak in the creek.  I will miss baseball – more specifically The Boys in Blue, and must abide by watching the Broncos play instead.  You can bet that I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival by April of next year.  It seems so far away, but I know time will make the seasons pass quickly.  Plus, although you’re my favorite, autumn and winter are a close second and third.  Yet, despite all the things I enjoy and love about you, I feel I must supply this list of items I won’t miss while you are visiting other parts of the world:

  • mosquitoes
  • burning my hands on my seat belt and steering wheel
  • my office feeling like an igloo
  • tornadoes
  • 90°F + weather without a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky for weeks on end, a little variety is a good thing
  • cotton fluff all over my yard
  • weeds

That said, I anticipate the impending arrival of your brother autumn, the changing of the leaves (but not the mess they leave on my lawn), pumpkins and cooler weather.


Sucker for the Sun

~I am responsible for what I say but not for what you understand.~

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