Music Mashups – Round 2

Hopefully the rumor about my work blocking Pandora is just a bad dream.  Until that fateful day arrives (and I find another source of music online), Tim and I present this week’s Music Mashups:

  1. Right Here, Any Way You Want It
    I met this guy at a bar, he was very cute and offered me the world!
  2. I Melt Jeremy
    I’m sure it’s obvious what his name was and how he made me feel.
  3. Never Let You Go Anywhere
    So, he was a little possessive, but in an endearing way, like he was afraid for my own safety…or something.
  4. Fell On Black Days With You
    When he wasn’t near me he said his days were dark and bleak.  Aw…
  5. You Found Me All the Right Moves
    He sure could make a woman squee with his romantic gestures!
  6. Complicated Fairweather
    Like any relationship, ours had it’s ups and downs.  Although, lately, they’ve been mostly downs.
  7. If I Can’t Have You, Animal I Have Become
    Jeremy had a bit of a temper.  There was “my” Jeremy, the fun loving guy…then there was his dark side…
  8. 3 A.M.: Somewhere Only We Know
    It’s really dark at 3 A.M., did you know that?  Most people are asleep then too…
  9. Pressure In My Back Pocket
    I’ve had it with Jeremy’s dark side, his anger, his possessiveness.  I have a present for him and it’s pretty heavy…
  10. Mr. Brightside Assassin
    Ending Jeremy’s reign over my life was better than all the gifts, all the gestures.  It was freeing, uplifting and quite a bit devious. >:)
  11. Want to know what happened to Jeremy?  Visit Tim’s blog for #s 11-20
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