30 Uses for a Shoelace

Since I was on vacation at the end of last week, Friday’s 30 Uses has been delayed until today.  I know you were all absolutely heartbroken to find I had not posted.  Alas, you can rest easy now as Tim and I have come up with 30 Uses for a Shoelace:

  1. Necklace
  2. Tying shoe
  3. Reminder bracelet
  4. Poster hanging device
  5. Headband
  6. Doll’s hangman noose
  7. Redneck leash
  8. Redneck belt
  9. Redneck neck/bow tie
  10. Key chain
  11. Jump rope (when several are tied together)
  12. Cabinet lock (A+ child proofing method)
  13. Bungee cord
  14. Hypnotist tool
  15. Measuring tape
  16. Shoe repair device (tying around toe to keep sole from flapping, etc.)
  17. Stencil
  18. Lasso
  19. Whip
  20. Fake spaghetti (food display project)
  21. Cheap report binding (spiral)
  22. Bandage wrap
  23. Tooth pulling device
  24. Tow pull
  25. Q-tip
  26. Flip-flop straps
  27. Bookmark
  28. Bike chain
  29. Cat toy
  30. Blinds pull

Happy Monday!  May we all survive the week and may the days fly by fast!

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