Music Mashups – Round 1

I work better when there is ambient background noise.  My work is very conducive to that, however, I enjoy filling my office with music.  Together with Tim (that guy is always in my blogs), we have developed 20 Pandora Music Mashup Sentences (bonus points if you can correctly name the band):

  1. Say It Ain’t So,  Say It’s Alright
    I hear this spoken with a panicky undertone
  2. Photograph, Young Folks
    The pedophile guide to obtrusive photography
  3. Help I’m Alive, Then the Morning Comes
    You know that feeling when your alarm beeps at 5am on a Monday…
  4. Hallelujah, Second Chance
    Only thing better than a 2nd chance is a 3rd, 4th, 5th…not that I need them – ever!
  5. Oh No No No, The Last Night
    “I never made it to my prom…I only made it to the parking lot.”
  6. The Remedy: Resistance
    When the aliens attack, resistance is permitted and expected.
  7. The Love We Had Before, Everything
    Everything always seems to get in the way, doesn’t it?
  8. Until I Fall Away, Bring Me to Life
    When I’m a zombie and I’m destroyed, I expect to be resurrected or at the very least reincarnated
  9. Push, Jumper
    The irony…
  10. Coming to Terms: Basket Case
    A slef-help guide for when you need to accept that you’re hysterical, blubbering and panicky.
  11. For the final 10 visit Tim’s blog

Stay tuned next week for more mashups!

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