30 Uses for a Plastic Bottle

Happy Friday! Time for today’s 30 Uses, brought to you by a plastic bottle, Tim and, of course, Me!

  1. Sand art holder
  2. Tornado simulator
  3. Bird feeder
  4. Plant pot
  5. Squirt gun
  6. Paper weight (when full)
  7. Rain gauge
  8. Fire extinguisher
  9. Electronics murderer
  10. Personal shower
  11. Diorama
  12. Redneck mobile
  13. Volcano simulator
  14. Model ship building encasement
  15. Hand wash container
  16. Dry ice bomb
  17. Coke & Mento fountain
  18. Message “envelope”
  19. Bed-end heater
  20. Ghetto fish tank
  21. Emergency toilet
  22. Weapon
  23. Redneck baseball bat
  24. Game spinner 😉
  25. Drinking apparatus
  26. Pet toy
  27. Egg decorating dipping cup (when cut)
  28. Funnel (when cut)
  29. Musical instrument
  30. Gun silencer (as seen on CSI)
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