30 Uses for a Post-It Note

Another Friday means it’s time for another 30 uses for an inanimate object.  This week we welcome the Post-It Note (Thanks again to Tim for his collaboration):

  1. Paper airplane
  2. Paper / binder clip
  3. Office memo
  4. Personal invitation
  5. Name tag
  6. Art supply
  7. Office decor
  8. White-Out replacement
  9. File label
  10. Flash cards
  11. Flip book
  12. Redneck napkin
  13. Redneck tissue
  14. Redneck Photoshop
  15. Tape
  16. Homemade calendar
  17. Address book
  18. Bookmark
  19. Key chain
  20. Peep-hole privacy shade
  21. Sun visor
  22. Candy tray
  23. Doll blankie
  24. Reminder
  25. Safety sign
  26. Jeopardy question covers
  27. Memory cards
  28. Mini fan
  29. Recipe card
  30. Redneck business card
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