And then there was one

Trying to breathe as quietly as possible, she crouched down to the side of the window.  The rifle was cocked and ready, but with only one bullet left, her aim better be spot on.  These men were foolish to think that the homestead of a young widow would be an easy target.  Three of them had already felt the sting of her bullets blasting into their flesh before fleeing as fast as their horses would carry them.

She heard his boots crunch on the dry straw.  Ever so delicately she peeked through the lace curtain covering the open window.  A sly smile spread across her face as she took the man into her sights.  He stood at the edge of the barn trying to coax out one of her mules.  It was do or die now…and she didn’t want to miss her target and shoot her “trusty steed”.  With the barrel of the gun on the ledge she aimed and fired.  The resounding echo nearly muted the man’s yelp.

With him adequately disabled, she charged out her house, the rifle still aimed at the man who was swearing up a storm as he struggled to tie a bandanna around his thigh.

With as much courage as she could muster and the rifle adequately pointed she hollered, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing on my property?”

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