My Cranny

As a connoisseur of the written word I bounced back and forth with the idea of purchasing an eReader.  I liked the simplicity it offered: one-hand use, thousands of books at my fingertips; but would I miss the feel of actual pages?  Would that take away from the reading experience?  Also, there was also the issue of having to pay full price for books when I take pleasure in buying discount at Costco and at thrift stores.

I remember when Amazon announced the Kindle and a read the multi-page spread in Newsweek.  I was excited at such a device but wished it had color (not understanding at the time the brilliance that is eInk).  At that time, a small craving started to build, ever so slowly.  With each email about the Kindle I received, the craving grew.  Then, I was introduced to the Nook.

The sleek design, the color lower screen, the additional features…  I was still a bit hesitant.  The price and still not holding a dead tree in my hands were holding me back.  Then I thought about how in the past 3 months I haven’t even finished one book.  This is partially due to the fact my son leaves me exhausted and without excess time to read.  But there are moments when I’m feeding him that I could be reading…if only it was not so difficult to hold a 400+ page hardbound book in one hand.  This is when I finally decided that the convenience factor of an eReader was a necessity if I was ever going to read one of my giant books again.

Yesterday, the husband and I purchased a Nook as a joint anniversary gift (a couple weeks early).  As a joke, we call it a Cranny (nook & cranny).  So far I have downloaded a free book and Eclipse (since I’m going to see the film on Saturday I need to refresh on all the little details. 🙂  Now I just need to find my old blackberry so I can pull the micro SD card, upload pictures and stick it in the back of the nook (then I can have a screen saver I enjoy).


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3 Responses to My Cranny

  1. Haute Elle says:

    I’m not convinced by these eReaders – would you take it to the beach? – but you make a good point about being able to hold it with one hand. Hope it works out for you!

    • Camiba says:

      I would definitely not have any qualms about taking my Nook to the beach. I wouldn’t, however, read it while floating around in a pool…but then again I wouldn’t have a paperback book in a pool either. 🙂

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