Native Transplant

Like most people living on Colorado, I am a transplant.  I was born and raised in California and didn’t move to this square state until after I had graduated college.  However, I was destined to live here.  When I was three years old I recall telling my mom that I wanted to live in Colorado.  But of course, back then my reasoning was to get away from earthquakes.  🙂 To many, my decision to move here came as quite a sudden shock as my husband and I purchased a house during one of our vacations to this “Colorful” state.  Yet, now that I have lived here for a few years I’ve come up with some things I dislike about Colorado and things I miss about California:

1) I love that Colorado has these annual events called seasons.  They’re distinct.  Winter has snow, trees grow these things called leaves and bulbous flowers sprout from the ground, summers are hot and occasioned by thunder storms and in autumn those leave things fall from the trees and bury my lawn.

California has two seasons – green and brown.  They overlap year round.  Especially growing up in a beach community where the weather is very Mediterranean and does not fluctuate much, the seasons in Colorado are very enjoyable.  Also the majority of trees around where I lived did not have leaves but fronds.

I love snow.  I get excited when it falls. I like to take pictures of how it sticks to inanimate objects.  I like to hike in it.  I also measure each snowfall and keep a seasonal running total.  I DO NOT like driving in snow. I DO NOT like feeling my tires slip on black ice.  No amount of 4- or All Wheel Drive will save you from black ice.

I’m sure California has, but not along the beach, cottonwood trees.  These arbors give off great amounts of shade during the boiling hot summers, but late spring and early summer they drop their seeds, which is how the tree got its name.  The seeds are tucked away in fluff.  The fluff sticks to everything.  My yard looks like a teddy bear massacre.

2) If you’re from California you know how to drive.  With LA it’s important to learn how to handle a car defensively and *gasp* know where the bumpers are located.  We may not know how to drive in snow and ice, but rain we have down pat.  Colorado natives, *tsk tsk*.  Let me explain a couple of things…

Merging – The rule is one car from each lane to form one single lane.  This does not mean speed up to pass another vehicle so you can be one car further in line and thus jack-up the system behind you.  Also, when merging onto a freeway, get up to speed on the on-ramp.  That’s what it’s there for, so when the lane ends you’re not still driving 40 mph!

Weather – I know you native Coloradans like to drive fast in the snow, but you don’t have to drive at a crawl when it rains.  Don’t panic, it’s just water, you can still see. It’s like snow…only it doesn’t create those black sheets of ice.

Notes – if you’re driving slow in the fast lane I WILL either a) flash my lights at you, b) tailgate or c) all of the above.  However, if you tailgate me, I am not opposed to a break check.

Now for things I miss about California:

1) Fresh year round locally grown produce (and the accepted use of pesticides)

Okay, so I don’t really miss much about California. 🙂 And in all honesty, have no plan on ever moving back.  I adore living in Colorado.  Messy yards, schizophrenic weather and all!

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2 Responses to Native Transplant

  1. tbronley says:

    California has three seasons: football, basketball, baseball.

  2. TrekQueen says:

    Yea, Dal said he’d really miss the fresh produce (especially the strawberries and avocados) if we were to move elsewhere.

    Though, Colorado wasn’t nearly as bad as those Utah peeps we came across on the same trip. O.o yikies… (and Tim will back me up on this haha well you will too).

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