30 Uses for a Toothpick

Since I had so much fun coming up with uses for a hanger, here are some delightful  applications Tim and I came up with for a toothpick:

  1. Picking teeth (duh)
  2. Marshmallow display holder
  3. Birthday candle support
  4. Finger nail cleaner
  5. Tiny paint brush
  6. Murder weapon
  7. Sandwich half joiner
  8. Cake tester
  9. Toy soldier’s arrow
  10. Lock pick
  11. Shoe gunk remover
  12. Voodoo mask decoration
  13. Piercing
  14. Dart
  15. Baby chopstick
  16. Building stick
  17. Electronic resetting apparatus
  18. Corn cob skewer
  19. Hole punch
  20. Balloon popper
  21. Mini flag pole
  22. Pump bottle gunk clearer
  23. Baby bottle nipple brush
  24. Eyeglass screwdriver
  25. Push pin
  26. Chew straw
  27. Eyelid propping device
  28. Quill
  29. (A very very uncomfortable) Q-tip
  30. Back scratcher

Happy Friday!  Don’t poke yourself in the eye trying one or more of the above — it wasn’t on the list. 🙂

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