Ben’s story

Prompt – Write a story about a man who got stood up on a date.

For about the tenth time in the past 3 minutes and 26 seconds, Ben looked at his watch and sighed.  Eighteen minutes late.  Why he always agreed to be set-up on blind dates was beyond him.  Perhaps it was because at thirty-two years old, he was longing to find that “perfect woman”, settle down and start a family.  And yet, here he was, stood-up again.  It was impossible to be in a situation such as this and not wonder if the woman showed, saw what he looked like and left the same way she came.  It wasn’t that Ben was unattractive.  Well, he wasn’t the best-looking man in the room, but he definitely was not the worst, either.  Defeated, Ben stared at the bubbles as they floated to the surface of his soda.

“Can I get you something else, Sir?” a young waiter approached and asked.  Drawn out of his lugubrious thoughts, he glanced up at the waiter and groaned.

“No.  No, just the bill please.”  Ben scanned the proffered paper, tossed some money onto the table, grabbed his coat and exited the restaurant.  “Figures,” he mumbled.  While he sat inside feeling more and more like a schmuck, it had started to rain and of course he was without an umbrella.  Feeling even more dejected, Ben flipped his coat collar up around his neck, huddled into the fabric and trudged the three blocks home.

Inside the building, Ben’s luck went from bad to worse.  His key broke off in the lock to his apartment door.  In a fit of frustration he kicked the door in, glad he forgot to lock the deadbolt.  Heading into his bedroom to change, he noticed he left a window open and now rain water had soaked the corner of his bed.  “Can’t a guy catch a break?” he hollered.  Ben slammed the window shut and slumped into a chair.  With all that had happened in the past hour, it was time for some R&R in front of the TV.  Ben turned off his phone, grabbed a drink and some leftovers from the fridge before settling into the corner of the sofa.  Tomorrow is a new day, he reminded himself.  And one day, that woman you long for will find you.

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