30 Uses for a Hanger

One of the prompts Tim and I came across today was “List 30 uses a hanger”.  Initially we could only come up with 2 or 3…then we really got rolling:

1. it’s intended use
2. breaking into a car
3. creating a solar system for a school project
4. marshmallow roster
5. wind-chime
6. mobile
7. a choking device
8. fencing sword
9. tv antenna
10. a switch, as in to spank
11. paintbrush
12. chopsticks
13. a hair accessory, a la Peppy Longstocking
14. branding iron
15. dipstick
16. acupuncture device
17. manicure tool
18. hole-poking apparatus
19. a device with which to shank
20. poorly-built handcuffs
21. javelin
22. lawn dart
23. white-trash jump rope
24. bubble maker
25. frame
26. redneck shoe lace
27. blue collar bar under-wire
28. redneck toothpick
29. nun-chuck
30. Christmas tree ornament hook

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4 Responses to 30 Uses for a Hanger

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  2. Apryl says:

    A white trash belt

    A phone antenna

    A car antenna

    A general radio antenna

    A cooking utensil

    Wow, the possibilities are endless!

    Oh and it’s Pippi Longstocking, not Peppy…although she was quite peppy!

  3. Really awesome article! Really.

  4. Avery Norton says:

    Haha I’m literally the first comment to this great read?!

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