A little bit of romance

My friend Tim follows blogs that have writing prompts.  Yesterday there was one for writing a bad YA (young adult) romance using the following words: sunset, waves, perfume, sand, throat, party, hot, luncheon, soothe, tanned, glitter, ouch, horse, fleece, scrumptious, thriller, beef, pen, calendar, roster.  Tim made sure his story was extra cheesy…and it was, but in reading it, it’s also obvious that the man should stick to writing stories that follow the fantasy genre.  I conceded to also following the prompt, but with a slight modification – I wasn’t going to purposefully make my story bad (hopefully, I didn’t accidentally make it awful either).  That being said, here is a little teen romance for your enjoyment, brought to you by Andrew and Melissa:

Was this real?  Was she actually here, and finally in his arms?  The scent of her perfume, as he pulled her against his body, was intoxicating.  How could one woman fit so perfectly?  It was as if his arms were constructed specifically to fit around her.  Andrew had waited for this moment for years.  No, pined, would be a more accurate description.  He had known Melissa since they were children; they grew up as neighbors, but she never looked at him as anything other than the gangly boy next door.  Until now.  Working at the lake during the summer had transformed his sinewy appearance into the toned and tanned body of a star athlete.  Suddenly, for Melissa, it was as if she had never seen Andrew.  Never noticed how blue his eyes were.  How dimples formed in his cheeks when he smiled.  So, when she saw him, standing around the bonfire with a bunch of their classmates, everything else faded into the background.

Andrew had felt what he could only describe as a magnetic pull.  Glancing to his right he could see Melissa just standing there, watching him.  Nervously, he raised his hand to wave, and offered a sheepish smile.  Melissa’s returned grin was all the encouragement he needed.  Not speaking a word, the two separated themselves from the rest of the party, and strolled, hand-in-hand to a secluded beach on the other side of the trees.  They sat there for a while, squirming their toes in the warm sand, as they watched the sunset.  It’s amazing how two people can grow up so close to one another and yet, not know anything about the other person.  Their conversation flowed easily, from one topic to the next, articulated with laughter.

As the sky darkened, the music from the party echoed across the lake.  Andrew rose, bringing Melissa up with him, and spun her around by the tips of her fingers.  Shyly, Melissa felt her cheeks heat from the rouge that quickly spread.  Without any qualms, she allowed Andrew to draw her near, and together they began to twirl across the shore.  When the waves lapped at their bare feet, neither one spared a thought about getting wet.  Their eyes locked.  Melissa, in a moment of boldness, ran her fingers through the hair at the nape of Andrew’s neck.  It was such an intimate moment.  The music, the dance, the way the reflection of the bonfire in the distance glittered across the water.  Andrew could no longer resist wondering what it felt like to touch his lips to her skin.  He reached up a hand, caressing the backs of his fingers across her cheek.  With graceful ease, he brushed her sun-bleached hair behind her shoulder and lowered his head.  Andrew felt electricity flow through his blood as his lips pressed onto her exposed throat.  Instinctively, Melissa closed her eyes and tilted back her head, welcoming his advances.  More than happy to oblige, Andrew continued to place kisses along her neck and onto her shoulder.  When he felt her shudder, he looked up, weary that he had gone too far.  But the look of disgust he feared seeing was displaced by adoration.

The young couple chose at that moment to leave the party.  To head further up into the hills, where it was darker and they could relax, watching the stars float across the sky.  Melissa had always admired Andrew’s car: a classic 1966 Ford Mustang.  She had often noticed him tinkering underneath the hood, grease smeared across his jeans and shirt.  But despite his filthy appearance, he always waved and smiled, even if she did not return the gesture.  But tonight – tonight she felt a rush of excitement to sit next to Andrew in this powerful machine.  As she passed in front of the vehicle, she ran her hand along the sleek hood-line, allowing her fingers to grace the emblem of the majestic silver horse.

A short drive, made mostly in companionable silence, led them to a secluded cove off the highway.  Melissa looked around at the desolate landscape and was suddenly trepidatious, recalling various news stories of murders in areas such as this.  Andrew finished pulling a fleece blanket from the boot of his car, readying to set it on the ground, he saw the fear in Melissa’s face.  Stepping close, he wrapped it around Melissa’s shoulders, soothing and calming her nerves.  In a whisper, he told her that everything was alright, that they didn’t have to stay if she felt uncomfortable.  Torn between what to do, Melissa decided she would rather return home.  Without so much of a grimace of complaint, Andrew kissed her forehead and led her back into the car.  To help ease what could be an awkward moment, Melissa flipped on the radio and laughed when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” blared from the speakers.  Her laughter only increased when Andrew attempted to mimic the dance moves while driving.  Upon arriving home, there was no fanfare as the two exited the vehicle and walked into their separate homes.  No hugs, no kisses.  Just a casual wave and they moved into the shadows and out of each others’ sight.

In the morning, Andrew woke and kept replaying the previous night over and over in his head.  It was still too good to be true, holding Melissa in his arms.  Did he really kiss her?  Of course it wasn’t on her mouth, but to feel his lips against her skin – heaven!  He couldn’t wait to see her again.  Did she still feel the same about him as last night?  Oh how he hoped so!  In a hurry, Andrew dressed for the day and bounded down the stairs, but not before jamming his toe on one of his little brothers toy trucks.  Ouch!  He greeted his mother with a one-armed hug and a peck on the cheek, before settling down at the table with a bowl of cereal.  Shocked by her son’s behavior, his mom dropped her pen and glanced up from the calendar and roster spread out on the table in front of her.  She was always the social butterfly, planning a neighborhood watch meeting, a church luncheon, a pool party for his sister’s birthday – a way to combat the hot summer weather, and creating a new class roster for the school.  Andrew hoped he didn’t spill milk all over her papers.  It would be best to get out of the way as soon as possible, and besides, he was hankering to see Melissa.

Stepping outside, Andrew looked toward the house next door.  He couldn’t very well just go knock on Melissa’s front door.  Even if he did, what would he say?  Andrew gave up struggling for a legitimate reason and decided his car could use a good bath.  Before long, his shirt was soaked with soapy water.  He pulled the garment over his head and blindly reached for a towel.  What he wasn’t expecting was to find another set of fingers gripping the cloth.  On instinct he pulled back his hand and swiveled around.  Melissa stood smiling, her eyes laughing.  She told him that he should really dry off, as it was not good to let soap cake on the skin.  Instead of handing him the towel, Melissa ran the soft fibers along the contours of his chest.  He didn’t let her do much “drying” before he gripped her wrist and pulled her into an embrace.  The scent of vanilla and strawberries wafted from her hair.  How was it possible for a woman to smell so scrumptious?  Men always seemed to smell like beef, and sweat.  But a woman – a woman was like honey, sweet, delicious and impossible to resist.  And he was going to give into that temptation.  With Melissa held tightly against his damp torso, Andrew lowered his head and with all the passion that had been building up inside of him for the past several years, gave her a kiss that caused her knees collapse.  Andrew strongly kept Melissa from falling and twirled her around as they reveled in their new-found romance.

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One Response to A little bit of romance

  1. tbronley says:

    I know I’m prideful but I like mine better. Of course, mine was a complete mockery of YA romance.

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